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raising coffee consciousness

worship coffee plants

We source our beans from exotic and premium coffee varieties. Plus, we fly them in small batches instead of containers in order to maintain freshness. These efforts result in a final product that tastes far superior to your everyday cup.

worship people

Natural process coffee requires a lot of physical labor, time, and attention to detail. Our fair trade practices ensure the people who work with us are paid well for their efforts And by working with local intermediaries, we steer clear from governmental institutions.

worship the planet

Natural process coffee needs almost no water and creates substantially less waste than wet process coffee. It does not contribute to climate change at nearly the same level.

worship the process

Natural process coffee allows our high-quality beans to interact longer with the coffee cherry. This creates a fruitier, expressive, full-bodied flavor.

let your morning cup do more than wake your body up.
let it wake your soul.

we worship the coffee gods

Plants are alive in ways that we cannot understand.

Like us animals, each plant has their own weird little way of surviving, talking, fearing and loving.

Valerian root puts you to sleep. Mimosa pudica curls up into a ball when you touch them. And coffea … well, coffea GETS YOU GOING.

We’ll never truly know coffea’s m.o. But we can be certain about one thing: they’re here, and they’re trying to tell us something.

They’re loving us humans in ways that we can feel. And boy, do we feel it.

We feel it so good that we rely on coffea more than any other plant in the world.

We need coffee, we love coffee.

Maybe it’s time we worship coffee. Because the gods who created these plants must know something that we don’t.

let our coffee bring you closer to the gods


Taste the truth